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Whether you’re looking to grow your current business or expand into new regions, the M&A market is defined by its complexity and pace. We can help you set a clear path ahead. Our value creation approach brings data-driven insights, sector-specific expertise and local knowledge to ensure you’re informed and confident to make the right decisions for your business.

The PwC Difference

Our laser focus on preserving and creating value on your next acquisition is embedded at our core. We take it ten steps further, looking for productivity gains, cultural roadblocks, financial and tax improvements and digital transformations, just to name a few value levers we pull. Our approach breaks down the M&A cycle into phases, which we can help throughout the entirety or be a trusted advisor to you in a phase where you might need additional support.

Phases of the acquisition / M&A cycle

Acquisition planning

Deal strategy

Acquiring the right capabilities can be a fast way to growth.  Our strategy specialists will help design your growth strategy, assess the market and find the right opportunities to go after.

Value creation planning

No matter the asset size, industry or sector, there’s no substitute for taking a 360-degree view before closing a deal. Our experts work with you to develop a value creation plan from the start of your deal that will help you proceed with confidence and establish a strong foundation for lasting value.

Acquisition accounting

We have  access to a global network of professionals to tap into the local nuances across accounting, regulatory and reporting requirements. We can provide insight on tax and accounting structuring, purchase price allocation and GAAP conversions.


Deal execution

Buy side due diligence

We can provide peace of mind to both corporate and financial buyers by analysing and validating financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions through due diligence. Using the latest analytic technology, combined with years of experience doing deals across every sector, we can help you move forward confidently.  Using our Value Creation approach, we can go one step further by answering the tough questions about how you will unlock value in this transaction.

Integrated tax planning

Focusing on shareholder value and risk management, we can help you increase shareholder value, reduce transaction risk and achieve optimal outcomes.  Our multiple tax practices, including deals, transfer pricing and International tax work in close collaboration to provide you with an integrated, strategic approach to transactions.


Identifying all the value levers in a business needs a broad understanding of financial, resilience and ESG measurements.  Our valuations specialists work throughout the deal to help you understand what will make an impact to your deal objectives.


The workforce dynamics can play a critical impact to any acquisition.  We work directly with the teams on both sides of the opportunity to identify opportunities and risks that need to be faced. 

Deal Analytics

Making the right decisions in the acquisition process can depend heavily on knowing what are the right questions to ask.  Move forward with confidence knowing that our Deal Analytics team  can uncover insights that create value for your deal.



Post-deal value realisation

Integration project management

Integration can be complex in even the simplest acquisitions.  That is why we think about the integration at the Value Creation planning stage so we can prepare for and mitigate any challenge quickly as they arise. Our teams will stay involved and help you convene, monitor, and manage teams to implement plans, track decisions and make progress.

Digital Transformation

Our digitally up-skilled professionals combine accounting and reporting advice with knowledge of technologies, systems and data used by our clients to support standardisation of processes to optimise the go-forward business model.

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