Culture, Leadership and Change

The success of any transformation effort can depend on how leaders engage their culture. Culture, however, is different from other business topics: it is implicit rather than explicit, emotional rather than rational — that’s what can make it hard to work with, but that’s also what can make it powerful.

Organisations that successfully turn today’s digital disruption into something that works for them rather than against them should focus on their approach to culture, leadership and change.

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A Guide for Designing a Successful Corporate Transformation

Four building blocks that are essential to every major change effort. For more insights, visit

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Are you trying to make a major strategic shift that needs the benefit of cultural energy to accelerate and sustain results? Or is your organisation’s culture at risk of undermining your business performance? Might that culture create behavioural risk or compliance issues?

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Is your organisation ready to tackle the intense challenge that business faces in today’s fast-digitising world? Can you articulate your vision for change and how your organisation will be different? And how will your people be impacted by the change?

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Are you bringing together a new leadership team and are struggling to achieve the results you want? Are unaligned or underperforming leadership groups negatively affecting the quality of business decisions and inhibiting delivery? Do you feel you have leadership development strategies which are not delivering the required results? Are you aware of the impact your leadership has on investor confidence? Or, do you want to improve your employee engagement and feel that improving your leadership capability is the key to success?

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