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How do you channel operational disruption into a competitive advantage?

Flex your digital operations with dynamic modeling and advanced intelligence 

Periodic supply chain evaluations are no longer sufficient, it's time to look to digital transformation and innovation. Omni-channel direct-to-consumer fulfillment models are now everyone’s business, impacting manufacturing, packaging and distribution to returns processing and customer service. 

You need transparency into network design, supply and demand planning processes, cost balancing, and operational capacity to adapt, segment and tailor products and services.

PwC’s Digital Operations Performance & Intelligence Suite provides end-to-end visibility from business planning, digital transformation and product development to supply chain management, procurement and smart factory.

Move with urgency. By 2023, over half of our competitors - the most capable ones - will be setting the competitive standards for product/ service functionality, customer experiences, pace of innovation and scale of distribution. In order to remain competitive, your organisation will required strong internal digital innovation capabilities, build around new planning, sourcing, development and distribution models and processes.

Souce IDC Perspective:The future of Digital Innovation, Jan 2020

PwC’s end-to-end digital operations solution

Using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT, our Digital Operations solution helps you dynamically model, plan and outperform in Industry 4.0. The solution integrates product development, planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing under a governing command center that optimises performance with end-to-end insights, innovative operations solutions and automated actions.  

Performance insights & data analytics

Companies that inject big data and analytics into their operations outperform their peers by 5% in productivity and 6% in profitability.*

Our solution provides:

  • Specialised tools to cleanse and ingest structured and unstructured data, sophisticated visualisations, integrated business planning, and dynamic modeling. 

  • Pre-built analytics:

    • Supply Chain Intelligence

    • Factory Intelligence

    • Procurement Intelligence

We leverage SAP and Oracle enterprise and analytics solutions as well as PwC analytics tools built on Microsoft Azure to enhance your digital operations capabilities.

* Source IDC Perspective: The Future of Digital Innovation, Jan. 2020

Product development

IDC predicts that by 2025, over two-thirds of the Global 2000 (G2000) will have become high-performance, large-scale producers of software-based digital innovation.* 

As products and services become more software-oriented, PwC’s Digital Operations solution helps you align product development organizations, processes, and tools with downstream operations to more effectively deliver software-based products.

  • PwC’s solution is based on:

    • A cross-discipline approach to guide innovation with business, technology and tax considerations

    • Data-driven benchmarking using Data Hoover analytics tool to drive decision-making

    • Digital assets such as PwC’s Value Network Tracker for quick access to data about markets and competitors, and the 6-POINTS software assessment tool to confidently progress from concept to quality production.

  • Industry applicability: Consumer Markets, Health Industries (pharma and life sciences), Industrial Products & Services, Tech, Media & Telecom. 

* Source IDC Perspective: The Future of Digital Innovation, Jan. 2020


Connected supply chain

72% of Digital Champions have implemented technologies to gain supply chain transparency compared to only 13% of Digital Novices.*

  • PwC’s Supply Chain Intelligence provides data ingestion tools and uses advanced analytics and AI to convert operational data into insightful visualisations.

    • Helps to identify and quantify improvement opportunities and drive supply chain performance.

    • Leverages pre-built cases enabled by PwC and technology alliance built control towers, providing transparency and real time integration with ERP & external data sources.

  • Our Demand Sensing offerings, built on Oracle and SAP platforms, enable faster supply chain response to disruptions.

    • Capturing demand from multiple internal (e.g. price, sales pipeline) and external (e.g. weather, customer review) sources allows for more accurate plans to be created through advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

  • Enabled by cloud-based technologies from SAP, Oracle and Blue Yonder, our pre-built tools and model systems increase agility, automation and accelerate value.

  • Industry applicability: Consumer Markets, Health Industries, Industrial Products & Services, Tech, Media & Telecom. 

*Source: PwC Digital Supply Chain Study 2020

Digital procurement

The procurement function plays a pivotal role in managing risk and cost across supplier management, strategic sourcing, contract management, purchase to pay and spend analytics. 

PwC’s Procurement Intelligence tool analyzes your existing performance and improves source-to-pay processes, improves category management and increases overall performance.  We can help to reduce third-party costs by 5-10% in as little as 3 weeks.

  • Provide a seamless user experience for business and procurement users with our pre-built configured systems across various source-to-pay technologies such as SAP Ariba and Coupa.

  • Create user-friendly, mobile-enabled source-to-pay user interfaces to drive adoption.

  • Drive efficiency and visibility to supplier management activities with Salesforce SRM.

  • Reduce procurement-related fraud and non-compliance with our Fraud Scan tool and big data analytics.

  • Industry applicability: Consumer Markets, Financial Services, Health Industries, Industrial Products & Services, Tech, Media & Telecom. 

Learn about current and future trends in digital procurement

Smart factory

68% of manufacturers plan to increase their investment in the internet of things (IoT) over the next 2 years.

  • PwC's Smart Factory helps manufacturers connect and optimize by capturing data from factory assets (machines, materials, people), processes, and systems and leveraging that data to improve overall manufacturing flow and performance.

  • Enabled by PwC’s Factory Intelligence, a full-stack solution built on the Microsoft Azure platform

  • Combines multi-source data (IoT, enterprise, 3rd party), analytics, visualization, and workflow management into dozens of smart factory use cases, ranging from basic performance visibility to advanced, artificial intelligence and automated solutions that enhance your factory with reduced manual intervention.

  • Build or enhance the right smart factory architecture for your business by leveraging PwC's vendor database, expertise, and transformation experience.

  • Industry applicability: Consumer markets, Health Industries, Industrial Products & Services, Tech, Media & Telecom. 

*Source: PwC Internet of Things Survey

Tax, Risk, Cyber & Privacy

By incorporating Tax practice capabilities into our Digital Operations solution, PwC helps you leverage R&D tax credits and design supply chain and manufacturing operations to lower your overall global tax footprint and facilitate tax payments to suppliers.

Our Connected Supply Chain solution includes PwC’s Global Trade Services capabilities to help you navigate trade uncertainty and optimize your trade costs and compliance. 

We have embedded risk management controls into the Digital Operations solution, providing early warning systems to help you lower supplier and operational risk.  We can also help you identify the cybersecurity and privacy implications to processes within traditional and digital supply chains, and build a defense-in-depth approach to protect your supply chain environments.


The Digital Operations solution is powered by our ecosystem of innovative alliance partners. 

SAP Global Partner

As a Global SAP Partner, PwC is proud of our collaboration to help clients solve their most critical business challenges, drive operational excellence and achieve their digital ambilitions with the power of SAP solutions.

We have embedded our SAP best practices and expertise in a preconfigured model company and system based on SAP S4/HANA, SAP Integrated Business Planning, and Mii modules to demonstrate PwC’s end-to-end Digital Operations solution. Additionally, we have integrated SAP Ariba into the solution to show a practical way of leveraging the strengths of SAP Ariba and S/4 HANA for procurement.

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Oracle Partner

As an Oracle Platinum Partner and Global Cloud Elite, PwC is leading the way in delivering predictable value with Oracle integrated solutions. 

Building on our successful relationship, PwC’s Digital Operations preconfigured Oracle Cloud system provides pre-built, ready-to-deploy supply chain and manufacturing use cases to demonstrate how PwC and Oracle can best support planning and IoT-based analytics in manufacturing. 

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Microsoft logo

PwC and Microsoft work together to foster innovation, empower organisations and unlock the potential to overcome the world’s most important challenges. 

Within Digital Operations, we have teamed up with Microsoft to deliver on this commitment.  Pwc’s Supply Chain Intelligence and Factory Intelligence tools are built on the Microsoft Azure platform. We are the leading partner leveraging Azure for manufacturing-related tools. 

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