Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A transactions are increasingly complex. You need a legal advisor who can help you capture the most value and stay focused on your big-picture goals.

We see M&A through a wider business lens

In today’s fast-moving world, M&A transactions are complex and time critical. A legal adviser who understands the wider impact of a transaction on your business – on valuation, regulations, tax and beyond – can help you design a direct path toward your long-term goals.

Our global legal network mobilizes to support every phase of the deals process. Leveraging experts from across our tax, deals, consulting and assurance practices, we pull the right people into the deal at the right time, helping you maximize value.

We see the broader picture – not just the transaction at hand – and give you clear, actionable advice. With the depth and scale of PwC on your side, you can find key opportunities, navigate complex transactions, and execute deals with confidence.

Our M&A experience 

Regardless of how you are growing or restructuring, we can help you optimize the value of the outcome. Our legal services span the entire M&A spectrum, including company acquisitions, sales, private equity, venture capital transactions, joint ventures, carve-out projects, distressed transactions, IPOs and takeovers.
With legal practitioners in 95+ territories, we bring a global mindset without losing sight of relevant, local issues. Our expertise gives clients an edge – agility, speed and confidence – across the entire transaction lifecycle. 

No matter where you are in the world, or what stage you are navigating in the transaction process, PwC has the skills and global scale that you need to support every step of your M&A strategy.

An integrated multi-disciplinary approach to M&A deals

We can bring together the right mix of PwC lawyers, consultants, commercial advisers, tax advisers and strategists to help you execute every phase of your cross-border deal in the most efficient way possible. An illustrative example is set out below:


  • Setting clear goals and direction
  • Identifying opportunities among key market segments and participants

Goverance & Preparation

  • Establishing clear governance structures
  • Undertaking gap analysis and planning reviews

Deal evaluation

  • Buy-side / Sell-side advice
  • Valuation / commercial modelling
  • Analysing key regulatory risks
  • Analysing value drivers for investment case


  • Preparing and negotiating Term Sheet / Letter of Intent / (Non-) binding offer
  • Identifying optimal deal structure
  • Advising on key commercial terms

Due diligence

  • Legal red flag due diligence and other multidisciplinary due diligences - covering financial, tax, HR, IT and commercial
  • Key take-out analysis, including risks and mitigants

Execution & closing

  • Preparing and negotiating legal agreements (e.g. Share or Asset Purchase Agreements (SPA / APA)
  • Advising on W&I Insurance
  • Signing & Closing
  • SPA accounting
  • Regulatory approvals

Post closing

  • Post-merger integration
  • Post-deal filings and lodgements
  • Assisting with separation and transition
  • Advising on HR/ IR strategy
  • Implementation of 100 day plans
Single point of contact and accountability
Deals / Financial Advisory
People and Organisation

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Connected expertise

M&A transactions affect the entire business, extending well beyond legal issues only. That’s why we approach M&A from a broader, more collaborative perspective. We bring the right people and the right technology together, to explore more possibilities and deliver sound, holistic advice across the legal, tax, regulatory and financial disciplines. Our well-rounded expert support helps you find and capture value, all the way through the deal to integration. 

We also deliver deep insight across sectors. Our PwC team includes industry specialists who understand the nuances of each issue, whether they relate to health care, energy, IT, automotive, manufacturing or more. By working with an integrated team, you can maximise the efficiency of your transaction processes, and focus on matters that make the most difference to your business.

Structuring and documentation

You need a structure that is tax effective, legally compliant and operationally efficient. We can guide you there. 

We take a multidisciplinary approach to structuring and drafting M&A transaction documents. As a single, integrated provider, PwC can help you consider the risks and opportunities in your documentation, without letting details falling through the cracks. You need a trusted partner that can help you manage risk through multiple lenses. That’s what we do.

Globally capable, locally relevant

Our expertise goes beyond borders, reaching you wherever you need us. With nearly 1,000 M&A lawyers across the world, plus an extensive network of broader tax, legal and consulting specialists, our global team is seamlessly connected by technology and committed to helping you thrive.

Wherever we operate, we deliver purpose-driven and focused practitioners whose advice is tailored to the broader economic, political and societal contexts. Leveraging our Centres of Excellence, we also bring the efficiencies and outcomes that you would expect from a well-rehearsed transaction partner.

End-to-end support

We have the expertise to support the entire lifecycle of your transaction, from preliminary considerations and information memoranda to tech-enabled due diligence, contract negotiation, transaction structuring, warranty and indemnity insurance, merger control, SPA documentation, closing and post-deal integration. We make sure your deals bring value to the organisation, and protect your investment by ensuring regulations, tax and other issues are accounted and planned for.

Our holistic approach removes blind spots, so insights and issues are spotted efficiently. Get in touch today to understand how PwC can support your next M&A transaction.

Efficient Service Delivery

We use Legal Centres of Excellence and technical solutions to maximize efficiency, even in the context of the most challenging M&A projects. Our Centre of Excellence specialists can provide a broad spectrum of support, from initial research, all the way through to large-scale document automation and review, e-discovery, project management and execution support (including eSign management).  We also leverage a broad range of legal technology, including artificial intelligence and machine-learning solutions, to speed up key transaction processes such as due diligence. This blended approach – using the right technology and the  right talent at the right times – reduces timelines, and helps you manage cost and risk.

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