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Reimagining legal services

Across the globe, legal services are undergoing incredible transformations. Those who unlock performance capabilities using a cost-efficient model and embed their roles as true commercial enablers are leading the way. 

Our NewLaw team gives you insights, tools and delivery capabilities to navigate today‘s complexity with confidence. Our services enable your legal teams to support the strategic objectives of your businesses, while delivering technology enabled legal services at scale.

Explore how PwC can transform how you work to generate enhanced business outcomes.

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Legal functions are under increasing pressure to demonstrate timely, relevant and economical services to their internal clients. These pressures are driving considerable investment in strategic cost reduction and value improvement.

However, legal department transformation is not just about applying new technologies, nor is it just about incremental change; since that rarely builds enough momentum to generate significantly higher performance and value.

Legal department transformation requires you to change how legal and business operations work together, and the outcome depends on how well people embrace change and practice creatively.

We help legal departments get to their most efficient destinations through a unified approach to legal operations, consulting, transformation and integration. We assess and benchmark large in-house legal teams to identify and execute on opportunities to improve their operating models, leverage automation and legal technologies, and deliver significant cost savings.

The benefits of legal transformation are clear: improved quality, consistency, effectiveness and speed of legal support to the business. When these things fall into place, lawyers can focus on more rewarding, higher-value work.

Legal departments are being asked to deliver a greater volume of legal services from a smaller financial envelope. We help clients reduce their costs by supporting them with day-to-day legal tasks and operations such as contract preparation; negotiation and execution; rights, obligations and value leakage management; litigation claims handling; and legal operations support. Clients leverage our near- and offshore legal and technology delivery teams to unlock global expertise wherever they need it.

Effective use of technology solutions is critical for efficiency, agility, risk management and good decision-making, but the LegalTech market is crowded, fast-moving and often surrounded in hype, making it difficult to isolate and verify the right solution for your needs.

Our specialists can help you design a LegalTech roadmap that leverages existing or enterprise solutions and technology that’s designed specifically for legal departments. We help you choose, implement, integrate and maintain selected LegalTech tools as part of your broader enterprise technology stack or as a service.

Identifying what needs to improve is just the first step in your transformation journey. Successful transformation requires experienced, on-demand legal operations capabilities and personnel to bring the changes to life.

Through a combination of on-the-ground and remote resources, PwC can quickly stand up your new legal operations function, or complement your existing operational capabilities, by delivering material benefits over an accelerated timetable for a measurable return on investment.

Our legal operations experts can co-create solutions with your team and provide a flexible resourcing model with specialised, multi-disciplinary support as you implement your transformation road map. Most importantly we are accountable to you for the agreed outcomes and work together to build a culture of change within your team that endures long after our engagement completes.

We conduct large-scale contract review and remediation and full-scale due diligence exercises across the globe, pooling the expertise of lawyers, technologists and project managers. Our multidisciplinary teams review and remediate contract portfolios for clients who have to respond to: regulatory change, a change in internal policies and procedures, or other market-driven events like Brexit, COVID-19 or IBOR.

Our team can review contracts and run the outreach and remediation programme from start to finish. We leverage qualified near and offshore legal and technology teams to balance quality with cost.

Our experienced due diligence lawyers can provide full-service legal reviews for both domestic and cross-border deals across industry sectors, either as a standalone legal service or as part of a multi-disciplinary PwC due diligence team. Using our globally connected and integrated network, we can support every stage of your review and remediation process, in multiple languages, and solve complex problems anywhere you work, whilst providing key data insights at each stage of the process.