Restructuring and Crisis

Redirecting vulnerability into strength

A business can find itself facing financial challenges for many reasons. The quicker you identify the signs of stress the better chance you have to turn things around. When you need to rapidly improve performance or stabilize your balance sheet, let’s work together to navigate your most critical and complex issues, refocus on your strategic goals, and ultimately create more value for all stakeholders.

Act now to recover

Maximise your options and together we can restructure for your recovery.

When facing uncertainty, decisive action counts. To successfully plan your path to recovery, you need to know what challenges are standing in your way. Restructuring and recovery services aren’t just for businesses who have lost control and face insolvency, they are a way to proactively take — and retain — control of your business, for recovery in the long term.

Keep your options open by acting now to recover.

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The PwC Difference

Decisive and timely actions.
With advice from experienced professionals.

We have the largest restructuring advisory team in the world with 2,000 experienced professionals. Our global reach is unrivalled - we have dedicated restructuring professionals in 70 countries across the globe. With the support of an even larger network of PwC industry and subject matter experts, we are a truly one stop shop, where we can draw in relevant and expert skills to help you navigate the complexities of restructuring and crisis

With thousands of deals under our belts what we know about crisis scenarios is that there is never enough time.  That is why you need a support team who has decades of experience rapidly managing your stakeholders and stablising the situation to make smart decisions.  Our network of specialists around the world is ready to help you identify problems, gain cooperation, develop solutions and implement them with ease and precision.


Our business restructuring and crisis capabilities


Liquidity management and cash optimisation

Liquidity is always the primary concern when businesses are underperforming.  We will work with you to restore confidence in the accuracy and consistency of cash flow reporting across your organisation. We offer modelling and data analytics solutions for improving cash flow forecasting, analysis and reporting. We can help pinpoint where money is tied up and guide you through your options and tactical levers to increase the cash immediately available to you. 

Stakeholder management

In a crisis you need to keep your investors, lenders and other stakeholders informed. We will work with you to coordinate communications and activities with all stakeholder groups, ensuring that you have a stable platform to provide time for the investigation of available options and their implementation. 

Investigation and create options

Independent business reviews (IBRs/IBR Defence)

A first step to stabilising a business in decline is to quickly get up to speed, to fully understand, and develop a clear path forward. In order to understand the underlying drivers of the deteriorating performance and to provide a common information platform for all stakeholders (or to provide our views to the business itself), we will combine our sector and situational experience, as well as our data analytics to review your business and to come up with a financial base for the negotiations with your stakeholders. 

Turnaround strategy

When your business isn’t performing as expected or you have had a few bumps in the road that you haven’t been able to recover from, a rethink to your business strategy is a wise move. Our strategy team combined with turnaround specialists bring insight and methodology together to ensure that your portfolio and resources are set on a path to agility and growth so you quickly respond to market changes.

Accelerated M&A

When your timeline is accelerated, you’ll need to act quickly to seize the opportunity of acquiring or selling non-core assets. We can support you to understand the value of the business and the strategic options that are available to you and how to apply them cost-effectively.

Financial restructuring and stakeholder management

When facing covenant pressure, credit challenges and a need to improve transparency for key stakeholders, we can:

  • Advise you through your restructuring options to improve your financial position

  • Support in negotiations with all key stakeholders to ensure their buy-in and to maximise your options 

  • Develop, sensitise and validate financial models to support the restructuring process

Tax restructuring

Whether you’re looking to increase your tax efficiency, restructure or adapt to new regulations, the change often requires creating new or transferring existing tax entities. These scenarios include numerous tax and accounting complexities, which can directly impact financial reporting. We can help you navigate through those complexities and help you manage the issues that arise during any type of restructuring transaction.

Debt and capital advisory

Providing financial solutions, covering circumstances from acquisition funding (including MBOs) to dividend recaps, releasing working capital and creating liquidity to implement the change needed.

Data Analytics

Diving into crisis indicators while an organization is experiencing a crisis or after stabilizing a crisis situation, can help you assess what went wrong. Our data-driven insights can uncover those value creation opportunities to get you back on the right course or create a plan of action.


Whether you’re a global group, family business, not-for-profit, local government or industry-wide scheme, we can help provide a full range of covenant and advisory related services to sponsors and trustees of defined benefit pension schemes. With our expansive network, we have a covenant expert in your region ready to support you.

Loan portfolio review and transaction support

Are you looking to sell or buy a loan portfolio? Our professionals globally will provide you with end to end transaction support such as:

  • Review of balance sheets, pricing and portfolio performance, data quality;

  • Advice on identification of buyer or seller groups, deal structuring and negotiations; and 

  • Preparation of sales packs, transitional service agreements and portfolio onboarding.


Operational restructuring

As you face changes in your markets - from competitive forces to customer demands, you also need to be proactive in ensuring your operations are up to the challenge. We can support you to rapidly identify the operational drivers of efficiency, including supply chain resilience assessment and working capital improvements, and develop initiatives to drive profitability such as cost based transformation (including people and organisation), rapid cost reduction and corporate simplification.

Restructuring implementation

Time to turn your options into reality. Our team is on the ground with you to make sure no value is left behind in this transformation journey. We will ensure that the chosen restructuring option is implemented by staying on as your trusted advisor and liaising with all stakeholders to ensure that all commitments are honoured. We will monitor progress, chase results and keep you informed via our experienced project management teams.


We have market-leading experience in both mid-corporate and complex, cross-border insolvencies and can: 

  • Advise on restructuring solutions and how insolvency processes can be used to maximise outcomes for all stakeholders

  • Support management teams to ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are managed sensitively and appropriately

  • Devise a robust plan to ensure that an appropriate contingency plan is in place should an insolvency be required

Chief Restructuring Officer + (CRO+)

We can assist companies to undergo rapid change or overcome financial pressures by placing experienced turnaround experts into a wide range of roles, from CROs being appointed by the boards of directors through to other experienced staff members who: 

  • Can support the creation and delivery of the restructuring plans

  • Lead or be part of project management offices

  • Can execute financial planning and analysis

  • Can operate as cash managers and executive assistants 

Managed / optimised exits

Either during or following the completion of a restructuring, your business may need to exit certain businesses or geographies. Our dedicated team of experts can advise you on and implement the necessary steps required to exit in the most tax and cost efficient manner in any part of the globe, including tax haven territories. 


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